Not Possible to Unapprove

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The most common reasons why it is not possible to Unapprove are:

  • there are other items linked to the item (approved or in the workbench)
  • something is wrong in the Link table
  • trying to Unapprove a DEF that is not the last one in an updating chain
  • the DEF is linked to another DEF but Date of Information are not chronological.

Example 1 (Albania)

Victim-1 has Date of Information 2013-11-23.
Victim-2 with Date of Information 2013-10-29 is linked to Victim-1.
User is trying to Unapprove Victim-2 but is getting error message because Victim-1 is newer than Victim-2 based on Date of Information.
The reality was that Victim-1 should had Date of Information 2012-09-23. After correction by SQL of Victim-1's Date of Information it was possible to Unapprove Victim-2.

Example 2 (Ecuador) QM is linked to Land. Land has Date Of Information 2003-11-27 and QM 2000-02-28 then Unapproving the QM will not work.