Navigation Functions

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To Zoom to Area on the map:

  1. Click the ScaleUpIcon.png button to enable the zoom in function.
  2. Select the area on the map that you would like to zoom in by drawing a rectangle around this area.
  3. To disable the map zoom in function, select another tool from the tools pane.

To Zoom from Area on the map:

  1. Click the ScaleDownIcon.png button to enable the zoom-out map control.
    The map displays at a smaller scale.

Repositioning the map image, or panning, moves the map image within the IMSMA Navigation window’s map pane without changing the scale of the map. To reposition the map image:

  1. Click the PanHandIcon.png button to enable the pan map control.
  2. The cursor changes to a hand to indicate that the pan tool is enabled.
  3. Click the map and while holding down the mouse button, drag the map to the desired position in the map pane.
  4. When the map is in the desired position, release the mouse button.
  5. To disable the pan map control, select another GIS map control.