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Map Layouts

When printing the map from IMSMA, you can customise its appearance by adding shapes, text, a legend, and scale and north indicators to the map. This customisation can be added by using the map layout toolbar.

To access the map layout toolbar, click the button from the IMSMA Navigation window toolbar.

Figure 88. Layout Toolbar

The buttons available on the map layout toolbar are described in Table 32.

Table 32. Map Layout Toolbar Buttons
Button Description
AppMapLayIcon.png Allows you to apply a saved map layout.
SaveMapLayIcon.png Allows you to save the map layout.
TogLayIcon.png Allows you to toggle between the map layout and the page layout.
SetSizeIcon.png Allows you to change the page layout.
PrinterIcon.png Prints the currently displayed map.
MovePageIcon.png Allows you to move the page within the map pane.
DispLargIcon.png Allows you to zoom into the page layout.
DispSmallIcon.png Allows you to zoom out from the page layout.
DispSelScaIcon.png Allows you to change the scale of the page layout.