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The map pane displays on the right side of the IMSMA Navigation window. The Map Pane interacts with the Country Structure Pane and may be centered in two different ways:

  1. if a map extent has been specified for the Country structure then the map will be centered based on the set map extent
  2. if there is no map extent set then the geopoint number 1 is used.

If none of the above is available for the Country structure, the Map pane will not change the extent.

Map Pane

The items' geographical data will be shown in the map pane if

  1. a IMSMA theme has been activated by Enable an IMSMA Theme or IMSMA themes toolbar and
  2. one of the Display Items in Map Pane functions has been activated
  3. the map scale is inside the visible scale range for different symbology
    The visible scale ranges are described here.

Read more on how to design the template used for map print out here.