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''Map Pane''
''Map Pane''
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Map Layouts

When printing the map from IMSMA, you can customise its appearance by adding shapes, text, a legend, and scale and north indicators to the map. This customisation can be added by using the map layout toolbar.

To access the map layout toolbar, click the button from the IMSMA Navigation window toolbar.

Layout Toolbar

The buttons available on the map layout toolbar are described in Table 32.

Map Layout Toolbar Buttons
Button Description
AppMapLayIcon.png Allows you to apply a saved map layout.
SaveMapLayIcon.png Allows you to save the map layout.
TogLayIcon.png Allows you to toggle between the map layout and the page layout.
SetSizeIcon.png Allows you to change the page layout.
PrinterIcon.png Prints the currently displayed map.
MovePageIcon.png Allows you to move the page within the map pane.
DispLargIcon.png Allows you to zoom into the page layout.
DispSmallIcon.png Allows you to zoom out from the page layout.
DispSelScaIcon.png Allows you to change the scale of the page layout.

Map Legends

Legends allow you to easily identify the symbols and markings on the map. The contents of the legend are managed from the Legend Editor window. To display the Legend Editor window, click the LegEdWin.png button.

The Legend Editor window has three panes: the theme manager pane, the Legend Themes pane, and the Legend Layout pane.

Legend Editor Panes

The theme manager pane is located on the left side of the Legend Editor window. It contains the IMSMA themes and map themes that can be displayed on the map and functions identically as the Theme Manager window.

The legend themes pane is located on the right side of the Legend Editor window and displays the themes that you would like to include in the legend, the title of the legend, and buttons for adding or removing themes from the legend.

The legend layout pane is located at the bottom of the Legend Editor window. This pane allows you to preview the contents of the legend before they are applied to the page layout.

Map Pane

The map pane displays on the right side of the IMSMA Navigation window.

Map Pane

Map Pane