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{{NavBox HowTo Produce Reports}}
{{NavBox HowTo Produce Reports}}

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iReport templates provide the foundation on which IMSMA reports are based. A iReport template defines:

  • the data source (e.g. Land, Activity, Accident)
  • the attributes that should be displayed on the report (e.g. Land ID, Land Name and Areasize for a land report)
  • the overall appearance of the report (title, formatting, etc.)

How to create and edit iReport templates with the iReport tool may be found here.

The Report Template Manager allows adding, changing and deleting iReport template definitions. To access the Report Template Manager, choose Customisation > Report Template Manager.

This opens the Report Template Manager.

Overview of functions for iReport template definitions
Button Description
Run Allows you to create a report. This function may also be started from the Reports menu and is described here.
Preview Allows you to preview a iReport template. This will preview the layout, but no data will be included.
Add Allows you to add an iReport template definition to the IMSMANG database.
Edit Allows you to update an existing iReport template definition, for example for assigning it a new name, or changing the .jrxml template file. If you change the .jrxml template file, it has to be changed to a template that uses the same type, that is, you cannot change from a "Location" report to a "Land" report.
Delete Allows you to delete an iReport template definition. You can only delete a report template if there is no report in IMSMA building on that template definition. Therefore, if you really would like to delete an iReport template definitions, you have to first delete all the associated reports.