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What is IMSMA?

IMSMANG is an information management system designed to support the complex information management needs of the mine action community. Core elements of IMSMANG include a MySQL database for storing and tracking mine action information and the various relationships among the data, a geographic information system (GIS) for analyzing and displaying geospatial information on maps and a reporting tool for generating reports of the data stored in the system. Its client-server architecture enables stand-alone installations to support small programmes with one or two users as well as networked installations for large programmes with 50 or more users distributed across multiple sites and organisations. Additionally, IMSMANG can be paired with several supporting components that directly interact with the IMSMANG system.

Designed with flexibility to support a range of uses, IMSMANG can also be customised by individual programmes to suit their changing information management needs. This includes defining the type of mine action data to store in IMSMANG and the relationships among the types, the forms used to enter the data into the system and the workflows that match the current or desired information model. So, significant attention must be paid when setting up and customising IMSMANG to support a programme’s information management needs and to get the most out of the system.

Establishing IMSMA as your Information Management System

This section describes the process for understanding and documenting the important pieces of an information model for implementing in IMSMANG. This chapter covers the pieces in detail and provides guidance and suggestions to information managers for making key decisions when establishing IMSMANG as their information management system.

File:Understanding-and-documenting-information-model-step1.png Understanding-and-documenting-information-model-arrow.png File:Understanding-and-documenting-information-model-step2.png Understanding-and-documenting-information-model-arrow.png File:Understanding-and-documenting-information-model-step3.png Understanding-and-documenting-information-model-arrow.png File:Understanding-and-documenting-information-model-step4.png

Getting Started with IMSMA

When an information manager has a thorough understanding of the information requirements for the programme, the next step are to install the software and begin customising IMSMANG to accommodate these needs. This section provides instructions for customising IMSMANG’s core features to match the needs of an individual programme. It includes instructions for viewing, adding, editing, deleting and translating predefined data and custom data. System administrators perform these tasks during the initial set up of IMSMANG and during routine management of the system.

Working with IMSMA

This section will include pages that are pre-arranged with appropriate content based on a user's ROLE so that users can find information that is pertinent to their role in information management.

IMSMA Remote Entry (IRE)

IMSMA Guides

This section will include pages that are pre-arranged with appropriate content to mimic existing user guides so that users can find information as they used to.

  • IMSMA Installation Guide
  • IMSMA Administrative Guide
  • IMSMA User Manual
  • IMSMA i-Report User Guide

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