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The items pane displays tabs for locations, hazards, hazard reductions, accidents, victims, MREs, and QCs.

Figure 23. Items Pane

The number displayed in brackets on each item tab is the number of records for the item in the selected country structure area. Within each tab is a table that lists the records for the country structure area (Figure 24). </div>

Figure 24. Item Tabs

Table 16. Allowed Actions on the Items Pane
If you do this… This will happen…
Select a record’s row If geospatial data exists for the record, a blue circle displays on the map to show the geospatial point and the row is highlighted in yellow.
Double-click a location record’s row The Location View window displays the location’s data. For more information on using the Location View window, see page 47.
Double-click a row for an item record other than location The current view window displays the item record’s data. For more information, see the Current view windows section on page 37.