Importing and Exporting Data with IMSMANG

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Several windows in IMSMA allow you to export selected rows from the window to either XML or to a comma-separated values (CSV) file (Figure 107).

Figure 107. Export to File Icon

Field Reports


Auxiliary Data


The following windows allow you to export selected row(s) to a file by clicking the button:

  • Explosive Ordnance List
  • Explosive Ordnance Selection
  • Field Report Templates
  • Handheld Template List
  • Organisation List
  • Organisation Selection
  • Place List
  • Place Selection
  • Reports
  • Report Templates
  • Search Manager
  • User List
  • Workbench

To export data from the selected row(s) to a file: 1. Select the row(s) that you would like to export to a file. 2. Click the button. The Export Options window displays. By default the XML Export option is selected (Figure 108).

Figure 108. Export Options Window

3. Select one of the following options:

  • XML Export – exports the file in XML format. You can also select the MaXML or MDML (on select windows) option.
  • Text Export – exports the file in CSV format. If you select the Text Export option, you can select the columns that you would like to include in the export file (Figure 109).

Figure 109. Export Options Window – Text Export

4. Click the OK button.