Import Geospatial Data from Shapefile

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To import geospatial data from the shapefile (.shp format):

  1. Click the Import Points button. The Open window displays
  2. From the Open window:
    1. Navigate to the directory where the file that you would like to import is located
    2. Select the file (.shp format)
    3. Double click on the file name or click the Open button

The geospatial data from the spreadsheet is appended to any existing data in the Points or Polygons table.

Note.jpg Import Point button works to import point and polygon shapefiles. Point shapefile will be imported into Points table, Polygon and Polyline shapefiles - into Polygon and Polyline Points table but will be splitted into points list that compose this polyline or polygon.
Note.jpg If the selected coordinate reference system at the Point and Polygon/Polyline List window is different from the coordinate reference system specified in the .prj file, the coordinate data will be re-projected to the selected coordinate system specified at the Point and Polygon/Polyline List window.

Shapefile Import Business Rules

Point Shapefile Import Business Rules

To import geospatial data from a point shapefile, the file must be created according to the following business rules:

  1. A PointID value is a mandatory field and should be provided for each point and be unique across all coordinate data listed in the Points table. It should be of Short Integer type.
  2. A PointType is a mandatory field and should be provided for each point. It must correspond to the Geospatial Point types list defined by IMSMA. The field should have Text type.

Polygon Shapefile Import Business Rules