Image Processing and Spatial Analysis workflows

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Below you will find links to useful websites for ESRI, MapInfo, QGIS and ERDAS. The links are a mix of training sessions, user manuals, blogs and YouTube videos. If you do not find what you are looking for here then have a look at the Training portal and the GIS Forums page.



ESRI's training catalog Spatial Analysis

Training Seminar

Spatial Analysis Extension Tool (ESRI)
ArcGIS Spatial Analyst augments the capabilities of ArcGIS for Desktop by adding a range of spatial modeling and analysis tools. Use it to solve complex problems such as finding the optimal location for a new retail store or determining the most sustainable area for a vegetation class.

More information
An overview of the Spatial Analyst Toolbox



Spatial Analysis in QGIS
Objectives: Understanding of interpolation as part of spatial analysis

Spatial Analysis/Interpolation

Spatial Analysis with QGIS

Point Data Analysis

Spatial Analysis with QGIS - Points in Polygon

Points in Polygon Analysis

Spatial Analysis with QGIS - Spatial Queries

Performing Spatial Queries

Raster Data

Working with Raster Data

Raster Analysis

Basic Raster Analysis and Styling