Image Processing and Spatial Analysis workflows

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Spatial Analysis and Modeling with ArcGIS Pro (ESRI)
Prerequisites: Familiarity with the ArcMap ModelBuilder application will be beneficial. Duration: 60 minutes Price: Free ArcGIS Version: 10.2, 10.3

Training Seminar

Spatial Analysis Extension Tool (ESRI)
ArcGIS Spatial Analyst augments the capabilities of ArcGIS for Desktop by adding a range of spatial modeling and analysis tools. Use it to solve complex problems such as finding the optimal location for a new retail store or determining the most sustainable area for a vegetation class.

More information
An overview of the Spatial Analyst Toolbox

Spatial Analysis in QGIS
Objectives: Understanding of interpolation as part of spatial analysis


Open Source GIS Blog

Point Data

Spatial Analysis with QGIS - Points in Polygon

Points in Polygon Analysis

Spatial Analysis with QGIS - Spatial Queries

Performing Spatial Queries