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The IMSMA.mxd contains the symbology which will be used in the Map pane for the Mine action data.

Imsma mxd1.png

Range of scales at which the layer will be shown

  • Markers Symbols – beyond 1:50,000
  • Land Points & Vertices – until 1:25,000
  • Poly Markers – beyond 1:50,000
  • Polylines and Polygons – until 1:50,000
Imsma mxd2.png

When a layer is activated in the Map pane then the Generic symbology will be used. In this example the scale is greater than 50,000 and therefore the Marker symbols will be used.

Imsma mxd3.png

In this example the scale is between 1:30,000 and 1:50,000 and therefore the Polylines and Polygons symbology will be used.