Household Situation

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New 6.0.png The idea behind the grades for the categories given below is rather to record a picture of the household situation than to use them to calculate if it fits certain criteria. The grade 0 is the lowest and 2 is the highest. The describing text to the grades below are examples that should be adapted to the country's context and is a guideline for the interviewer.

Grading guidelines

Furniture / Toys
0 – Insufficient, basic, simple, old, un-paired; maybe old rugs, some important parts missing, no decorative items, no toys
1 – Modest but functional, all necessary parts available, carpets and some pictures, some decorative items and some inexpensive toys – noting outstanding
2 – Good furniture, carpets, paintings, toys

Dwelling repairs
0 – House quite ruined without visible repairs (paint, wall paper, masonry, carpentry, roof, bathroom, etc). Windows: old, missing or with plastic sheets; roof, doors, gates, locks old and bad
1 – Modest but with visible repairs (partially or fully from above)
2 – Normal looking house, painted, normal carpentry, masonry, gates, doors, windows

0 – No electricity
1 – Electricity lines illegally connected – no meter, low amperage and voltage, not appropriate for more than a light and maybe cooking
2 – Normal electrical line

0 – communal line available but no connection in the house
1 – No communal line available and or illegal connection in the house
2 – Gas connected and used

0 – No water except from the well (without electric pump)
1 – Water-tap available – one source outside the dwelling – collective or individual – communal or from the well with el. pump
2 – Normal communal water or pumping system connected in the dwelling

0 – No sewage
1 – Collective sewage system – outside the dwelling or partial sewage
2 – Normal sewage system – in kitchen, toilet & bathroom

0 – No kitchen, kitchen in the room, only a wood-stove
1 – Partially equipped kitchen in bad condition – just enough to call it so
2 – Normal kitchen with all required appliances

0 – No bathroom – only a "washing place" outside the dwelling or collective
1 – Basic bathroom with wash-stand, shower, without or with old basic tiling
2 – Normal bathroom with hot water

0 – No or collective
1 – Outside without sewage
2 – Normal toilet within the bathroom or separately

Heating / Cooling
0 – No system, "humanitarian type" wood stove or fire place
1 – Gas heating or other non-communal system for heating parts of the dwelling
2 – Communal or other central heating system (for the whole dwelling)

0 – Wood stove used also for heating (simple)
1 – Electric or gas stove – old but functional
2 – Normal stove – newer model with all the gadgets

Refrigerator / Deep freezer / Laundry machine / TV set / Video/DVD
0 – None
1 – Old model "still functioning"
2 – Newer model

MC / Car / Truck
0 – Not in possession
1 – Old car, truck, but are not used and not registered. Close to non-operational and used only for emergency. Market value below 500/1000 USD respectively
2 – Any other car or truck

Tractor / Animal
0 – Not in possession
1 – Using animal for agricultural work
2 – Using tractor for agricultural work

0 – None or some of (non cumulative): up to 10 poultry animals, few hares, up to 2 sheep or goats
1 – Up to 20 poultry animals or hares, up to 4 sheep or goats, no large cattle
2 – More than above

Arable Land
0 – No arable land but the small garden (up to 3 Ares) next to the dwelling
1 – Up to 1 ha of land available and used for vegetables, grains, pasture, etc – owned or rented or otherwise used
2 – More than above

Clothes (+footwear)
0 – All family members have only basic worn-off clothes – noting outstanding and used for all occasions, no jewellery except the wedding rings (a “ must have by tradition”). Second hand donations or purchases are used to renew the clothes and footwear.
1 – Normal cheap clothes and footwear, the "family representing" members have some better outfit (HoH, children going in school, students, etc). Nothing too fashionable, basic traditional jewellery scarcely present
2 – Normal (as of the monitors families or better)

Hygiene items
0 – Deficient usage of hygienic items – obvious shortage of soap, shampoo, detergents and other cleaning/washing agent, tooth brushes and tooth paste, self “hairstyling”, non-existence of cosmetics, nail and hair varnish, deodorants, perfumes, etc.
1 – All necessary hygiene items are available but basic (cheapest ones), scarce existence of some cosmetics, nail and hair varnish, deodorants, perfumes, etc.
2 – All items available and used, popular brands widely used

0 – Existing chronic illnesses are not properly treated in the public health institutions as there is no money for travel, medicaments, check-ups, etc. Acute diseases are mostly treated with traditional “home medicine” methods. Medical services are generally not available or not affordable.
1 – Basic medical services are generally available and affordable. The household may have difficulties to pay for more expensive medicaments and treatments in hospitals or specialised institutes.
2 – Household can afford all kind of treatments available in the region.

0 – Non smokers and non drinkers; If smoking or drinking - only the cheapest local brands are used (due to strong addiction) and the consumption of drinks and cigarettes results in insufficient feeding.
1 – Cheap cigarettes and drinks are used but without negative reflection on the feeding.
2 – Expensive brands of cigarettes and alcohol beverages are used.

Data Inventory category

This Data Inventory category contains the following fields used for information specific to household situation.

Household situation.png

DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Addictions Single-select addictions Household Situation Addictions
Arable Land Single-select arable_land Household Situation ArableLand
Bathroom Single-select bathroom Household Situation Bathroom
Clothes Single-select clothes Household Situation Clothes
Dwelling Repairs Single-select dwelling_repairs Household Situation DwellingRepairs
Electricity Single-select electricity Household Situation Electricity
Freezer Single-select freezer Household Situation Freezer
Furniture / Toys Single-select furniture_toys Household Situation FurnitureToys
Gas Single-select gas Household Situation Gas
Heating / Cooling Single-select heating_cooling Household Situation HeatingCooling
Hygiene Items Single-select hygiene_items Household Situation HygieneItems
Kitchen Single-select kitchen Household Situation Kitchen
Laundry Machine Single-select laundry_machine Household Situation LaundryMachine
Livestock Single-select livestock Household Situation Livestock
MC/Car/Truck Single-select car_truck Household Situation CarTruck
Medicine Single-select medicine Household Situation Medicine
Refrigerator Single-select refrigerator Household Situation Refrigerator
Sewage Single-select sewage Household Situation Sewage
Stove Single-select stove Household Situation Stove
Toilet Single-select toilet Household Situation Toilet
Tractor/Animal Single-select tractor Household Situation Tractor
TV Set Single-select tv_set Household Situation TvSet
Video / DVD Single-select video_dvd Household Situation VideoDvd
Water Single-select water Household Situation Water