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{{NavBox Working with IMSMA}}
{{NavBox Working with IMSMA}}

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Acquiring a copy of IMSMA systems can be done by

  • Mine Action National Authorities or organisations filling this role for a specific area or region
  • other organisations in support of operations in a mine-affected country


National authorities interested in obtaining IMSMA systems should contact the GICHD directly. Other organisations should contact the respective National Mine Action Authority in the country or location where the proposed use would take place. If you are unable to contact an IMSMA distribution authority in your particular area of interest, please contact the Information Management Team for further information.


The IMSMA systems is distributed and installed free of charge to national authorities or organisations filling this role.


The GICHD strongly encourages the widest possible distribution of IMSMA systems from each of the national mine action authorities to government agencies, international organisations, NGOs and field operators engaged in mine action or other humanitarian activities involving mines and other ERW. A distribution plan centred on the national authorities helps to

  • ensure that all users have access to the most up-to-date data, maps and software available in their specific working site
  • support national authorities in their extension processes of IMSMA services
  • provide support and services to the system tailored to the local needs
  • set up and administer national distribution points
  • manage and record system installations


Potential and current users of the System should be aware that IMSMA systems are licensed, trademarked and copyrighted products of the GICHD and is not freeware or shareware. Installation or use of the software constitutes acceptance of the licence agreement. Copies of the system not obtained from the GICHD or through one of its distribution partners will not be supported by the GICHD and are a violation of international copyright. The software contains certain components of ArcEngine, commercially available of US origin, and generously donated by ESRI. Distribution of these components is subject to US laws governing technology exports and licensing. Requests received by IMSMA’s local distribution partners or the GICHD for the distribution or use of the IMSMA software will need to demonstrate compliance with these regulations before installation of the software can begin. Distribution or use of the system may also be restricted in the case of projects conducted on a commercial basis or in conjunction with for profit ventures. This restriction is the result of the Centre’s use of public funds in the development and testing of the system.