Enable an IMSMA Theme

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The generic IMSMA item icon automatically displays when an IMSMA map theme is enabled. Many items also have subcategories of icons that can be displayed.

To display one of the subcategories of icons for an IMSMA theme:

  1. Click the Map Display button, or open the Map menu and select Map Display.
  2. The Map Display window displays.
  3. From the IMSMA Themes tab of the Map Display window, check the checkbox beside the theme name.
  4. Expand the node for the theme.
  5. The Generic subcategory is selected by default.
  6. If you would like to display a subcategory of icons, select the subcategory that you would like to display for the item. Note that you can only select one subcategory.
  7. All subcategory icons are displayed by default.
  8. To display specific subcategory icons:
    1. Expand the subcategory.
    2. Check or uncheck the corresponding checkboxes for the subcategory icons.
  9. Repeat steps 2–5 for each theme you would like to enable.
  10. Click the Apply Themes button.
  11. The selected theme(s) display throughout the entire IMSMA session.

  12. Close the Map Display window by clicking the Done button.