Enable a Theme for Legend to the Map Page Layout

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Themes control the icons that are displayed on the map. The themes available in the Legend Editor window are identical to the themes in the Map Display window and are organised in a tree format. If the checkbox to the left of the theme name is checked (CheckedBoxIcon.png), the theme displays on the map. If the checkbox to the left of the theme name is unchecked (UncheckedBoxIcon.png), the theme will not display on the map.

To enable a theme, check the checkbox beside the theme name in the Map Display pane of the Legend Editor window.

Note.jpg The theme will not be added to the legend until after you click the Refresh Legend button. By default, all enabled themes are included in the legend.

To change the text display of a legend entry:

  1. Select the legend entry from the Legend Themes pane.
  2. Click the Edit Selected Legend Item button.
  3. The Font Selection window displays.
  4. Change the text properties as needed.
  5. Click the OK button.