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{{Note | The table is called ''mre'' and the ''maXML element level3'' is called ''MREActivity''. }}
{{Note | The table is called ''mre'' and the ''maXML element level3'' is called ''MREActivity''. }}
[[Image:Mre xml.png|600px]]
{| class="wikitable sortable"
{| class="wikitable sortable"

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Note.jpg The table is called mre and the maXML element level3 is called MREActivity.

Mre xml.png

maXML element level4 maXML element level5 maXML element level6 maXML element level7 maXML Type DIM Label IMSMA Enum Category
Association Association GUID String
Association Association OriginalID String
Association TargetInformation Name String
CampaignLevel String Campaign Level CampaignLevel
Comments String Comments
Geospatialinfo Geo GeospatialInfo
MineActionActivityType String Mine Action Activity Type Mine Action Activity
MREActivityDate Date Date
MREActivityDetails MREAudience AudienceAgeInfo String Audience Age Info Age Range
MREActivityDetails MREAudience AudienceType String Audience Audience Type
MREActivityDetails MREAudience AudienceMilitaryType String Military Audience AudienceMilitary
MREActivityDetails MREAudience AudiencePersonnelType String Mine Action Personnel Audience AudiencePersonnel
MREActivityDetails MREType String Education Type MRE Type
MREActivityDetails MRESubType String Education Sub Type MRESubType
MREActivityDetails MREAudience AudiencePercentFemale Float  % Female
MREActivityDetails MREAudience AudiencePercentMale Float  % Male
MREActivityDetails MREPlace PlaceID GUID String
MREActivityDetails MREPlace PlaceID Original Id String
MREActivityDetails Association AssociationIdentification GUID String
MREActivityDetails Association AssociationIdentification OriginalID String
MREActivityDetails Association TargetInformation Name String
MREActivityDetails MREAudience TotalAudience Integer Total Audience Number
MREActivityDetails MREPlace PlaceName String Where did the Activity take Place?
MREActivityDuration ActualDuration EndDate DateTime End Date
MREActivityDuration PlannedDuration EndDate DateTime Planned End Date
MREActivityDuration PlannedDuration StartDate DateTime Planned Start Date
MREActivityDuration ActualDuration StartDate DateTime Start Date
MREIdentification OriginalID String Education ID
MREIdentification GUID String
MREOrganisation OrganisationID GUID String Organisation
MREOrganisation OrganisationID OriginalID String Organisation ID
MREOrganisation OrganisationName String Organisation Name
MREReason String Reason
MREStatus String Status MREStatus
Municipality String Municipality
Period String Period MREPeriod
Project String Project
QTY String QTY
ReliabilityInfo InformationReliability String Reliability of Information InformationReliability
ReliabilityInfo SourceReliability String Reliability of Source SourceReliability
ReliabilityInfo Confirm String Confirmed Yes No Answer
SupportedToActivity String Supported Activity Type SupportedActivity