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<p>The Recentre On Coordinates window also allows you to create a visual marker at specific coordinates on the map. This marker takes the form of a pin graphic. Any pins you create will remain until you delete them, and will display when you print or export the map.</p>
<p>To drop a pin on a specific coordinates:</p>
<li>Click the [[Image:CoordWinIcon.png | Go To Cordinates]] button.</li>
:The Recentre On Coordinates window displays.
<li>Select the coordinate reference system that you would like to use from the list.</li>
<li>Enter the coordinates on which you would like to drop the pin.</li>
<li>Select the '''Add Pin''' checkbox.</li>
<li>Click '''Apply'''.</li>
:The pin is displayed at the specified coordinates.
{{note| You can clear all pins from the map at any time by clicking the '''Clear Pins''' button.}}
[[Image:DroppingPinOnCoordinates.png|center|''Dropping a Pin on Coordinates'']]
<div align="center">
''Dropping a Pin on Coordinates''
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{{NavBox HowTo Viewing and Browsing}}

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