Display the IMSMA Control Centre Icon

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Follow these steps to display the IMSMA Control Centre icon:

  1. You may display the IMSMA Control Centre icon in two different ways:
    1. Double-click the IMSMA Tray Launcher icon IMSMA Tray Launcher on the computer's desktop
    2. Choose Start Menu > Programs > IMSMA Tray Launcher.
  2. The IMSMA Control Centre icon Control Centre Icon.png will be displayed in the notification area of your computer.
  3. Right-click the IMSMA Control Centre icon Control Centre Icon.png and the menu displays.

Menu Options

IMSMA Control Centre Menu

In the IMSMA Control Centre menu you will find options to:

  1. Start the IMSMA Server
  2. Stop the IMSMA Server
  3. Start the IMSMA client
  4. Backup and Restore
  5. Start iReport
  6. IMSMA Client Configuration Tool
  7. Console Window
  8. Exit Control Centre

How to always show the TrayLauncher icon in the notification area

    Hidden icons.png
  1. Click on Show hidden icons.
  2. Customise notification.png

  3. Click on Customize.
  4. Find the Control Centre Icon.png in the list.
  5. Show icon notification.png

  6. Select Show icon and notifications in the drop-down list.