Core Design Concepts

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User Friendly

The IMSMA Navigation Window displays at the launch of the system.

User Window FINAL.User Window

The user chooses options from the Menu Toolbar at the top of the window.

User Menu.

Designed with the end user in mind, the IMSMA Navigation Window provides access to the tools he or she needs to perform information management duties including data entry, data validation, data search and reporting.

A user can interact with elements of any of the panes and access additional details. User Panes

A user can interact with elements of any of the panes and access additional details.

User Items.User Items

The Items Pane stores information about mine action objects (dark gray below) and mine action activities (light gray). These are locations, tasks, hazards, hazard reductions, accidents, victims, mine risk education activities and quality control/quality assurance activities.

User Browse.User Browse

The user can browse for more details including past information leading up to the current situation.


IMSMANG was designed to reflect the reality surrounding it. It provides customisation tools that enable a mine action programme to adjust the information management system to meet every aspect of the information management cycle in the programme.

Information management cycle

All customisation functions can be performed from the menu bar on the IMSMA Navigation Window.

IMSMA Navigation window

Field Report Template Designer

Field Report Template Design is a graphic tool that allows for the creation of survey forms or any other form needed to record data on mine action objects and activities. The IMSMANG forms can be created to look like the actual survey forms used in the field for data collection.

Field Report Template Designer

When created, the forms are opened from the data entry menu options. They are filled out by end users.

Menu Options

Report Designer

The report designer is a graphic tool for creating Report Templates. The report templates are run on the dataset to present information in relevant formats and layouts. Report templates can be uploaded to the Reports menu and accessed for future use.

Report Templates

Graphic Display of Data

Report Customization