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Note.jpg The Cause classification table is called cause and the entity is called CAUSE. The level table for Cause is cause_level.

The victim child table for Cause/Event is called victim_cause and the entity type is called VICTIM_CAUSE.


DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Description Text description TBD
- String guid TBD
- Level levelGuid TBD
Local ID String localId TBD
Name String name TBD
- Parent parentGUID TBD
- Boolean selectable TBD
Source String source TBD


DIM_label wiki_Data_type DB_Column Enumcategory PojoMethod_name
- String dataEnterer TBD
- Date dataEntryDate TBD
- String guid TBD
- String level TBD
- Integer seqNo TBD