Assistance Summary Window

New 6.0.png The Assistance item was added in 6.0.

The assistance to both individuals (direct and indirect beneficiaries) and communities may be recorded with this new object in version 6.0. Assistance is the action of assisting victims. Monitoring of assistance projects may be done with the existing Task module.

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Assistance is closely linked to the Cause of someone becoming a victim and the Needs assessment of the Victim(s). The assistance can be provided to:

  • an individual;
  • a family / extended family;
  • a group of victims;
  • a community.

The Cause and Needs assessment of individuals are entered in the Victim.

The business rules for calculating which pillar a victim is at must take in consideration the following:

  • There is no global definition of number of pillars
  • There are no mandatory pillars
  • There is no chronological or logical order between pillars
  • A victim may receive assistance of more than one pillar at the same time
  • A victim may receive assistance of a pillar more than once.

Given Assistance subobject


The Assistance (actions) may be classified in the following phases:

  • Emergency (health care and humanitarian aid)
  • Stabilisation (health services, education, economic reintegration and physical accessibility)
  • Transition (social inclusion, advocacy, data collection and physical accessibility)
  • Protection (risk analysis)
  • Legal support (law/policy)
  • Institutional reinforcement (institution staff support, education/awareness and access to services)

Each country needs to define what is included in each of the above phases/pillars.

Assistance items may contain more than one Given Assistance.

Database fields

Field Data Type
Assistance ID String
Assistance Name String
Assistance decided by Organisation
Assistance given at Place
Assistance given by Organisation
Assistance paid by Organisation
Comment Text
Cost/Grant BigDecimal
Currency Single Select
Needs assessment done by Organisation
Number of Direct Beneficiaries Integer
Number of Indirect Beneficiaries Integer
Priority Single Select
Status Single Select
Status changed reason Single Select
Status changed date Date
Status changed comment Text
Given Assistance
Field Data Type
Given Assistance Single-select
Status Single-select
Start Date Date
End Date Date
Quantity Integer
Note.jpg The Assistance item has a status and each row in the subobject Given Assistance has a status.

The parts of the Summary window are explained here.

New 6.0.png The Inspiration Data Entry Form template for Assistance has been updated to included the field Status changed date and is available for download here.

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