Add Ordnance Classification

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To add explosive ordnance to IMSMA:

  1. From the Data Entry menu, select Ordnance Classification.
  2. The Ordnance Classification List window displays.
  3. Click the File:Add.png button.
  4. The Ordnance Classification Editor window displays.
  5. Select the category from the Category list.
  6. Select the subcategory from the Subcategory list.
  7. Enter the model name in the Model field.
  8. Enter the source in the Source field.
  9. Enter the Statistic Group value in the Statistic Group field.
  10. If the ordnance is active, check the Active checkbox. Only active ordnance are listed in the Ordnance Classification List window.
  11. If there are any fields in the Custom Defined Fields section, enter data in those fields.
  12. Do one of the following:
  13. To add the ordnance, click the Save button.
  14. If the ordnance is added successfully, the ordnance displays in the Ordnance Classification List window.
  15. To discard the ordnance and close the Ordnance Classification Editor window, click Cancel.