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Note.jpg The main table is called victim, the entity type is called Victim, the taget is called Victiminfoversion and the main maXML artifact is Victim.
Note.jpg Most of these fields did exist in IMSMANG 5.08.04 and in order for users to find them they were not moved to the new categories that were added in IMSMANG 6.0 even if e.g. Date of Birth could have moved to Personal information category.
New 6.0.png General comment was added in 6.0.


DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Activity At Time of Accident Single-select activityataccenum_guid Activity At Accident ActivityAtAcc
Activity At Time of Accident Other String activityataccother ActivityAtAccOther
Address Text address Address
Age String age Age
Care Type Multi-select CareType Cares
Date of Birth Date dateofbirth DateOfBirth
Death Occured Single-select mannerofdeath_guid mannerofdeath MannerOfDeath
Did victim see/touch mine/ERW? Single-select sawobject_guid SawObject SawObject
Employer Organisation org_guid Org
First Medical Facility Single-select firstmedicalfacility_guid MedicalFacilityType FirstMedicalFacility
First Name String givenname GivenName
Gender Single-select genderenum_guid Gender Gender
General Comment Text general_comment GeneralComment
Given Education Single-select mineavoidancetrained_guid Yes No Answer MineAvoidanceTrained
Hospital Place hospital_guid Hospital
How Often Entered Area? Single-select howoftenenteredarea_guid Frequency HowOftenEnteredArea
Inactive String macid MacId
Inactive String mannerofdeathother MannerOfDeathOther
Inactive String minefieldref_guid MinefieldRef
Inactive String reasonenteredareaother ReasonEnteredAreaOther
Injury Multi-select Injury Injuries
Killed/Injured Single-select killedorinjuredenum_guid Killed Or Injured KilledOrInjured
Knew Area Was Dangerous? Single-select knewareadangerous_guid Yes No Answer KnewAreaDangerous
Last Name String familyname FamilyName
Medical Report Reference Text medicalreportreference MedicalReportReference
Military Status Single-select status_guid VictimStatus Status
National ID String nationalid NationalId
Nationality String nationality Nationality
Occupation Text occupation Occupation
Other Organisation String org_textinput OrgOther
Rank/Position String rank Rank
Reason Entered Area Single-select reasonenteredarea_guid EntriedAreaReason ReasonEnteredArea
Skills Text skills Skills
Time to First Medical Facility Time timetofirstmedicalfacilty TimeToFirstMedicalFacility
Time to Hospital Time timetohospital TimeToHospital
Victim ID String victim_localid LocalId