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New 6.0.png The Victim item is the item which has had the most updates in version 6.0 which includes 2 new subobjects and 124 fields.
Note.jpg The table is called victim and the maXML element level3 is called Victim.

Vic xml.png

maXML element level4 maXML element level5 maXML element level6 maXML Type DIM Label IMSMA Enum Category
AccidentallyTouched String Accidentally Touched Accidentally Touched
Addictions String Addictions Household Situation
AdministrativeArea AdministrativeName String Country Structure Reference
AdministrativeArea AdministrativeLevel String
AdministrativeArea ParentAdministration AdministrativeName String
AdministrativeArea ParentAdministration AdministrativeLevel String
Age String Age
ArableLand String Arable Land Household Situation
AreaClearedByVictim String Area Cleared by Victim Area Cleared By Victim
Association AssociationIdentification GUID String
Association AssociationIdentification OriginalID String
Association TargetInformation Name String
Bathroom String Bathroom Household Situation
BirthDate Date Date Of Birth
BreadWinnerRoleChangedAfterAccident String Breadwinner Role Changed After Accident Yes No Answer
CarTruck String MC/Car/Truck Household Situation
CauseComment String Cause Comment
ChildAttendingSchool String Child Attending School Yes No Answer
Clothes String Clothes Household Situation
CommunityTriedIncludeVictimIntoCommunity String Community Tried to include Victim into Community Yes No Answer
CurrentRehabilitationPillar String Current Rehabilitation Pillar Current Rehabilitation Pillar
DateOfDeath Date Date Of Death
DayToDayActivitiesAccessibility String Day-to-day Activities Accessibility Yes No Answer
DayToDayActivitiesMobility String Day-to-day Activities Mobility Yes No Answer
DayToDayActivitiesSocialLife String Day-to-day Activities Social Life Yes No Answer
DeminingFunction String Demining Function Demining Function
DeniedJobPlacementOpportunity String Denied Job Placement/Recruitment Opportunity Yes No Answer
DeniedVocationalTraining String Denied Vocational Training Yes No Answer
Disability String Disability Disability
DisabilityGroup String Disability Group Disability Group
DisplacementStatus String Displacement Status Displacement Status
DwellingRepairs String Dwelling Repairs Household Situation
EconomicInformationComment String Economic Information Comment
EducationInformationComment String Education Information Comment
Electricity String Electricity Household Situation
Employer OrganisationID GUID String Employer
Employer OrganisationID OriginalID String Organisation ID
Employer OrganisationName String Other Organisation
EncourageCompleteEducation String Encourage Complete Education Yes No Answer
EventCausedLossOfJob String Accident/Event Caused Loss of Job Yes No Answer
FamilyTriedIncludeVictimIntoCommunity String Family Tried to Include Victim into Community Yes No Answer
FeelsIncludedInSociety String Feels Included in Society Yes No Answer
FirstMedicalFacility String First Medical Facility MedicalFacilityType
FitnessSports String Fitness Sports Fitness Sports
Freezer String Freezer Household Situation
FurnitureToys String Furniture / Toys Household Situation
Gas String Gas Household Situation
Gender String Gender Gender
GeneralComment String General Comment
Geospatialinfo Geo GeospatialInfo
HealthIDNumber String Health ID Number
HeatingCooling String Heating / Cooling Household Situation
Height Decimal Height (cm)
HighestLevelEducation String Highest Level Education Education
Hospital PlaceName String Hospital
Hospital PlaceID GUID String
Hospital PlaceID OriginalID String
HouseHoldInformationComment String Household Information Comment
HowLongUseProsthesis String How Long Use Prosthesis How Long Use Prosthesis
HowOftenEnteredArea String How Often Entered Area? Frequency
HygieneItems String Hygiene Items Household Situation
IncludedInAssistanceProgram String Included in Assistance Program Yes No Answer
Injury BodyPart String Injury Injury
InjuryActivity InjuryActivity String Activity At Time Of Accident Activity At Accident
InjuryActivity OtherActivity String Activity At Time Of Accident Other
InjuryScale String Killed/Injured Killed Or Injured
IntentionallyTouched String Intentionally Touched Intentionally Touched
InterestedInAdvocacyWork String Interested in Advocacy Work Yes No Answer
InterviewDate Date Interview Date
Interviewee Address String Interviewee Address
IntervieweeFamilyName String Interviewee Family Name
IntervieweeFirstName String Interviewee First Name
IntervieweeNationalID String Interviewee National ID
IntervieweeType String Interviewee Type Interviewee Type
Kitchen String Kitchen Household Situation
KnewDangerousArea String Knew Area Was Dangerous? Yes No Answer
LastUseProsthesis String Last Use Prosthesis Last Use Prosthesis
LaundryMachine String Laundry Machine Household Situation
LawAwareness String Law Awareness Level
LevelOfIncome String Level of Income Level Of Income
Livestock String Livestock Household Situation
LocalEducationalServiceMetNeedsOfVictim String Local Educational Service Met Needs of Victim Yes No Answer
MannerOfDeath String Death Occured mannerofdeath
MaritalStatus String Marital Status Marital Status
MedicalAidNeedsComment String Medical Aid Needs Comment
MedicalComments String Medical Comments
MedicalReportReference String Medical Report Reference
Medicine String Medicine Household Situation
MineAvoidanceTraining String Given Education Yes No Answer
NationalID NationalIDNumber String National ID
NationalIDExpireDate Date National ID Expire
Nationality String Nationality
NumberAmputatedFingersLeftHand Integer Number Amputated Fingers Left Hand
NumberAmputatedFingersRightHand Integer Number Amputated Fingers Right Hand
NumberAmputatedToesLeftFoot Integer Number Amputated Toes Left Foot
NumberAmputatedToesRightFoot Integer Number Amputated Toes Right Foot
NumberOfDependentsAge0To18 Integer Number of Dependents Age 0 to 18
NumberOfDependentsAge19To55 Integer Number of Dependents Age 19 to 55
NumberOfDependentsAge55Plus Integer Number of Dependents Older Than 55
NumberOfPersonsInSameLivingSpace Integer Number Of Persons In Same Living Space
Occupation String Occupation
OccupationAfterEvent String Occupation After Accident/Event Occupation
OccupationBeforeEvent String Occupation Before Accident/Event Occupation
OrdnanceFoundOrDestroyedByVictim String Ordnance Found or Destroyed by Victim Ordnance Found Or Destroyed By Victim
OtherProblems String Other Problems Other Problems
PermissionToShareWithAuthotities String Permission to share with Authorities Permission To Share
PermissionToShareWithNGOs String Permission to share with NGOs Permission To Share
PersonalInformationComment String Personal Information Comment
PersonName GivenName String First Name
PersonName FamilyName String Last Name
PhoneNumber Decimal Phone Number
PlaceOfInterview String Place of Interview Place Of Interview
PPEEffectiveness String Was The PPE Effective? Yes No Answer
PPEIssued String PPE Issued PPE Issued
PPEWorn String PPE Worn PPE Worn
PreferredOccupation String Preferred Occupation Preferred Occupation
PrimaryContactInfo Address String Address
ProfessionalInformationComment String Professional Information Comment
ProtectionUsed String Protective Equipment Yes No Answer
Rank String Rank/Position
ReasonEnteredArea String Reason Entered Area EntriedAreaReason
RecievedCare String Care Type CareType
RecievedMRE Frequency String Education Frequency Frequency
RecievedMRE MREType String Education Activity Class MRE Type
RecievedMRE MRESubType String Education Activity MRESubType
RecievedMRE Comments String Education Activity Other
ReEmployVictim String Re-Employ Victim Yes No Answer
Refrigerator String Refrigerator Household Situation
RelationshipDirectBeneficiary String Relationship Direct Beneficiary Relationship Direct Beneficiary
SawObject String Did Victim See/Touch Mine/ERW? SawObject
Sewage String Sewage Household Situation
ShoeSize Decimal Shoe Size
SizeOfLivingSpace Integer Size Of Living Space
Skills String Skills
SocialInclusionComment String Social Inclusion Comment
SourceOfIncomeAfterAccident String Source of Income after Accident Source Of Income After Accident
SourceOfIncomeBeforeAccident String Source of Income before Accident Source Of Income Before Accident
Stove String Stove Household Situation
TechnicalAidNeedsComment String Technical Aid Needs Comment
TimeOnPost String Time on Post Time On Post
TimeRangeToFirstMedicalFacility String Time Range To First Medical Facility Time Range To First Medical Facility
TimeRangeToHospital String Time Range To Hospital Time Range To Hospital
TimeSinceLeave String Time Since Leave Time Since
TimeSinceTraining String Time Since Training Time Since
TimeToFirstMedicalFacility Time Time To First Medical Facility
TimeToHospital Time Time To Hospital
Toilet String Toilet Household Situation
Tractor String Tractor/Animal Household Situation
TVSet String TV Set Household Situation
TypeOfAssistancePrograms String Type of Assistance Programs Type Of Assistance Programs
TypeOfDependents String Type of Dependents Type Of Dependents
TypeOfHabitat String Type Of Habitat Type Of Habitat
TypeOfResidence String Type Of Residence Type Of Residence
VictimArrivedToFirstMedical String Victim Arrived To First Medical Facility Victim Arrived To First Medical Facility
VictimBreadwinner String Victim Breadwinner Victim Breadwinner
VictimCause Cause ID String Cause Classification
VictimCause Cause GUID String
VictimCause GUID String
VictimCause DataEnterer String
VictimCause DataEntryDate Date
VictimIdentification OriginalID String Victim ID
VictimIdentification GUID String
VictimNeedsAssessment NeedsAssessment GUID String Needs Classification
VictimNeedsAssessment Quantity Integer Quantity
VictimNeedsAssessment Priority String Priority Priority
VictimNeedsAssessment Status String Status VictimNeedsAssessmentStatus
VictimNeedsAssessment NeedsAssessment ID String
VictimNeedsAssessment GUID String
VictimNeedsAssessment DataEnterer String
VictimNeedsAssessment DataEntryDate Date
VictimState String Victim State Victim State
VictimStatisticCategory String Victim Statistic Category Victim Statistic Category
VictimStatus String Military Status VictimStatus
VictimType String Victim Type Victim Type
VictimWorkedInArea String Victim Worked in Area Victim Worked In Area
VideoDVD String Video / DVD Household Situation
VulnerableGroup String Vulnerable Groups Vulnerable Group
Water String Water Household Situation
Weight Decimal Weight (kg)
WhereUseProsthesis String Where Use Prosthesis Where Use Prosthesis
WhyNotUseProsthesis String Why not Use Prosthesis Why Not Use Prosthesis