Using the staging area with GIS tools

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The Staging area database option is the best option since it gives you access to all attributes including CDFs in ArcMap and PostGIS is activated in the Staging area database. There is a special mxd file for the Staging area in the C:\IMSMAETLTool\data folder. You will find how to connect here.

When polygon/polyline is linked with the main object the properties from the main object applies to the entire object. This also applies to calculated area and length e.g. if Land-35 has three polygons with (total) calculated area 200 m2 then 200 is repeated on the three polygon rows.

If the option of generating geodata has been chosen on the Staging Area Generator interface, then three related tables with geodata are generated for every object/table that has geographical information:

  • xx_point
  • xx_polygon
  • xx_polyline

The Staging area database is described here.