Using the Tasking Tool in IMSMANG

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The Tasking tool allows Operations staff at National Mine Action Authorities to create Task (dossiers) by grouping useful information for planning and monitoring a Task. Tasks are created by selecting which Land are the Objective(s) of the Task and then plan how to address the Objective(s). The plan consists of Work item(s). Different Work items may be assigned to different Organisations and addressed with different methods and assets/tools.

When the planned Work item is conducted and the Organisation has reported then it is possible to link one Activity, Assistance, Education or QM reports to the Work item. This functionality will facilitate comparison between plan and end-result. Work items may also be used as input to donor / project reporting.

On the Related information it is possible to link other Items or Auxiliary data that are either helpful for the Task planning or for the planning and/or execution of the Work item for the executing Organisation.

Similar to items, Tasks can be customised to include CDFs.

Note.jpg Tasks are not created or updated by using Data Entry Forms or approval process. This means that historical data about Tasks is not tracked (except for status change) and any updates made to Tasks automatically replace previous data.