Using Jaspersoft Studio for MINT

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The browser interface of MINT allows to cover probably around 90% of all reporting and analysis use cases that programmes may face. However, in case there are very specific requirements - e.g. regarding formatting details, or special charts types that do not exist on the MINT interface - there may be no way to implement them using the MINT browser interface. In such a case, it may be required to use Jaspersoft Studio, an offline reporting tool that allows:

  • Creating a report and defining many detailed options in terms of formatting
  • Publishing that report to MINT, i.e. it will be accessible from within MINT and can be included on dashboards

Details on Jaspersoft Studio as well as the link to download the free version can be found here. A basic tutorial about how to create a report in Jaspersoft Studio can be found here. Should advanced features be needed that require a license, please get in touch with GICHD so that the IM focal point can help produce the required report.