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• An accomplished and competent professional with over 15 years of extensive experience in handling challenging assignments with the Army and the Mine Action Industry, including deployment at Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, Colombia and South Sudan. • An experienced EOD-IEDD level 4 within multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environments, often requiring tight reporting and completion deadlines. Able to work within set management tolerances to IMAS and delegate as appropriate to supervisors or team leaders according to NTSGs. • Management, administration, QM and reporting of EOD operations from inception to completion. Experienced in Technical and Non-Technical Surveys, General Mine Action Assessment, SOPs and Technical Guidelines writing and developing, support to humanitarian and PfP operations, familiar with IMAS and specifically with Colombia National Standards and accreditation process.• Well- developed oral, IT and written skills in presentations and managerial communication both in Spanish and English. • Able to consult and advise from both military and commercial experience in a HMA, ERW, C- IED and Hostile Environments, providing technical expertise for new and developing C- IED and EOD doctrine and training courses according to IMAS and HMA doctrine. • Instructional abilities by developing and instructing on training courses in EOD, HMA, BAC, Search, and Mines Awareness Training. Able to conduct demining and EOD training courses in accordance to IMAS from basic deminer to EOD level 4 including air dropped, sub-munitions and chemical munitions. • Adaptable and responsive to changes and teamwork with extensive international overseas travel and operational deployments. Content to further enhance current knowledge and experiences with continuous commitment for learning and improving. Used to engage duties where creativity and imagination are a must for problem solving and decision-making.