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• Serve as the focal point for all humanitarian mine action and EOD activities Kosovo wide, which

       includes the planning, management and coordination of all mine action and EOD operations by the
       National capacity Kosovo Security Force (KSF), NGOs and KFOR.

• Ensures all unexploded ordnance (UXO) and mine clearance operations are carried out in

       adherence to the guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for mine clearance, Battle

• Area Clearance (BAC) and EOD as necessary to comply with the International Mine Action

      Standards (IMAS)

• Oversees the day to day running of the Mine Action Center, which includes Quality Assurance, • Mine Risk Education (MRE), and Public Information, Victim Assistance and Database entry and communications. • Development of the national capacity that includes planning and coordinating the training of the

      KSF to undertake EOD operations.

• Supervises contracts with NGOs for mine clearance services and prepares contracts for the supply

      of EOD and mine clearance equipment.

• Produces presentations to international organizations for the purpose of securing international

      donor funding for mine clearance, MRE, Public Information and victim assistance.

• Acts as chairperson for coordination meetings with other actors involved in MRE and Public

       Information delivery.

• Countries and is a member of the South Eastern European Mine Action Coordination Council