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Note.jpg To do Data Entry and/or Submit/Approve Data Entry Forms, your IMSMANG user account must belong to a User Role that has permissions to do so. There are several different permissions e.g. Data Entry Form and Link. Contact your IMSMANG Administrator if you have questions on permissions.

The Update Action lets you revise data that has already been approved (and included in the Data Entry Form template that you choose to use). It opens a fully populated Data Entry Form with the Approved data, which provides an overview of the current approved data for the item.

Example scenario: the status of a Land should be changed.

  1. Start data entry from the Land Summary Window that you would like to Update.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. The Template for Update Data Entry Form window displays. The list of possible templates are filtered to only included templates for the current item type.
    Select Template Update.png

    Template for Update Data Entry Form window

  4. Select the Data Entry Form template that you would like to use
  5. Click OK.
  6. The Data Entry Form Editor displays a new Data Entry Form. The following information are automatically populated:
    • Form ID
    • Item ID
    • Date of information
    • Reconciliation tab.
    Recon tab Update.png

    Reconciliation Tab Update Action

  7. All the other data fields in the template are also automatically populated with the Approved information.
  8. If appropriate, Link to other items.
  9. Enter the data into the Data Entry Form. For more information on how to do data entry, see Use the Data Entry Form Editor Window.
  10. Verify that the Date of Information is correct. It should reflect the age of the information (not the date of data entry).
  11. Save, Submit or Approve the Data Entry Form.
  12. When the Data Entry Form is approved, the Summary window will display the updated data.
Warning.jpg The updating Data Entry Form's Date of information must be a later date than the Data Entry Form(s) that created the data since the calculation of the Summary item is based on Date of Information. When the date is earlier or the same, the Summary item will not be updated.
New 6.0.png This Action was introduced in version 6.0.

Special Case

When you would like to add one more Education Detail to an existing Education then you need to use double reconciliation.

Note.jpg The Data Entry Form template may NOT contain any data fields from Education (not even Education ID).
  1. Open the Education Summary window which you would like to add an Education Details.
  2. Enter the data in for the Data Entry Form template.
  3. The Reconciliation tab should not have an Education row.
    Double recon Detail1.png

    Reconciliation Tab - Reconcile Education Details

  4. Select the Education Detail row.
  5. Click on ReconItemRecIcon.png.
  6. Choose Reconcile as New.
  7. Click OK.
    Double recon Detail2.png

    Reconciliation Tab - Select another Education

  8. Click on the MREsIcon.png button.
  9. Select the Education you would like to reconcile the Education Details.
    Double recon Detail3.png

    Select the Education you would like to reconcile the Education Details to

  10. Click Assign.
    Double recon Detail3B.png

    The Education is selected

  11. Click OK.
    Double recon Detail4.png

    Reconciliation Tab is populated

  12. If appropriate, Link to other items too.
  13. Save, Submit or Approve the Data Entry Form.
Note.jpg The Inspiration Data Entry Form template for Education details have been corrected and is available for download here.