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Note.jpg The table is called task, the entity type is called TASK and the target is called Task.

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DIM Label Data type Database column name Enumcategory Pojo name
Actual End Date Date actual_end_date ActualEndDate
Actual Start Date Date actual_start_date ActualStartDate
Actual Work Days Numeric actual_work_days ActualWorkDays
Conducting Organisation current_owner_guid CurrentOwner
Description Text description Description
Expected Cost Numeric expected_cost ExpectedCost
Future Text future Future
Country Structure Country Structure gazetteer_guid Gazetteer
History Text history History
Task ID String localid LocalId
Manager String manager Manager
Method Single-select method_guid Work Method Method
Task Name String name Name
Planned End Date Date planned_end_date PlannedEndDate
Planned Start Date Date planned_start_date PlannedStartDate
Planned Work Days Numeric planned_work_days PlannedWorkDays
Status Single-select status_guid Task Status Status
Task Type Single-select tasktype_guid Task Type TaskType
Unit of Currency Single-select unit_of_currency_guid Unit Of Currency UnitOfCurrency