Table differences between migrated and non-migrated databases

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Warning.jpg Depending on if a database is originally created with 5.x or 6.0 there are also differences in Foreign keys' CASCADE on delete.

If a database has been migrated from Legacy (at least from 2010) then some columns have been changed.

Table Column Initial 6.0 DB Migrated DB
hazard medicalfacilitylevel1 varchar(50) text
hazard medicalfacilitylevel2 varchar(50) text
hazreduc medicalfacilitylevel1 varchar(50) text
hazreduc medicalfacilitylevel2 varchar(50) text
hazreduc teamid varchar(38) varchar(50)
hazreduc teamlocation varchar(50) text
translation translation varchar(250 ) text

I can see in the migration scripts that previously also the following columns were different.

Table Column Initial 5.x DB Migrated 5.x DB Initial 6.0 DB Upgraded migrated DB
fieldreport reportedby text tinytext text text
geopoint pointdescription tinytext text text text
hazreduc qacomments tinytext text text text
hazreduc vistor tinytext text text text
impactsurvey minehistorycomments tinytext text text text