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Using the IMSMANG Help Menu

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{{HowTo's| [[Local IMSMA Wiki]]| [[Search and Index Local IMSMA Wiki| Search Local IMSMA Wiki]]| [[Search and Index Local IMSMA Wiki#Create Search Index | Create Search Index]]}} The IMSMA<sup>NG</sup> Help Menu is useful for looking up contains information about using {{IMSMANG}}. [[Image:Help menu.png|150px|thumb|Help Menu]] * '''Local IMSMAWiki''' - Opens an offline version of this wiki for viewing using the [http://www.kiwix. It links to this org/wiki, /Main_Page Kiwix] software and to stored in a local copy for file of the [ ZIM format], which contains the compressed contents of the wiki articles. Users can manually update the offline viewingWiki by replacing the ZIM file with the updated one in the ''C:\IMSMAng\trayLauncher\exe\Kiwix''. It also links to The latest version of the ZIM file can be downloaded from '''[[Downloads | here]]'''.* '''Online IMSMA Wiki''' - Opens this wiki in your web browser.* '''About IMSMA ''' - Displays a window, which displays containing information about IMSMA's current version and licenses.It is possible to see which [[Check Version of IMSMA | version]] of {{IMSMANG}} is installed without starting the {{IMSMANG}} client. [[Image:About IMSMANG.png|400px|center]]<div align="center">'' About IMSMA ''</div> {{NavBox Working with IMSMA}} [[Category:NAA]]

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