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Searching for Data in IMSMANG

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===Running Saved Searches===__NOEDITSECTION__
<li>Choose '''Search''' > '''Search Manager'''.</li>
===Using Item Filters===__NOEDITSECTION__
<li>Choose '''Search''' and then an item filter.</li>
===Using the Search Engine===__NOEDITSECTION__
===Saving a Search Definition===__NOEDITSECTION__
#Enter a name.
#Enter a description.
{{note| Selecting the ''Prompt'' checkbox enables you to select other value options when running saved searches.}}
===Printing and Exporting Search Results===__NOEDITSECTION__====Search Results window====__NOEDITSECTION__
{{note| On search results, you can also use the filter and the column picker.}}
<li>Click [[Image:Print.png]].</li>
{{note| You can also present your search results in a report if you have saved reports. See the ''Producing Reports Quick Reference Guide'' for more information or contact your local system administrator for help.}}
<li>Select the items to export.</li>

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