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Create a Basic iReport Template

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{| class="wikitable"|-| [[File:Note.jpg | 40px]] |{note| The sample report ''Summary_Location .jrxml'' in the <''iReport Installation Directory''>\iReports_IMSMA\IMSMA reports directory provides an example of a basic report. |}}
To create a report:
{| class="wikitable"|-| [[File:Note.jpg | 40px]] |{note| If you would like to organise the report results by country structure areas, you should include the country structure level by which you would like to group the results as one of the fields. Be aware that including the country structure level field in the report will return a string that contains all country structure levels above the selected level. |}}
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{| class="wikitable"|-| [[File:Note.jpg | 40px]] |{note| If you choose to group the report data, you may also want to sort the data using the attribute. For more information on sorting, refer to Sorting.|}}
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====Adding a Group to an Existing Report====
 {| class="wikitable"|-| [[File:Note.jpg | 40px]] |{note| The field on which you would like to group your report results must be included in the report. |}}
To add a group to an existing report:
:The Add/modify group window closes.
 {{| class="wikitable"|-| [[File:Note.jpg | 40px]] |note| You may also enter the expression in the Group Expression field if you know the exact spelling of the field name on which you would like to group the results. The syntax is $F{''FieldName''}. |}}
===Adding Fields===
{| class="wikitable"|-| [[File:Note.jpg | 40px]] |{note| When sorting data in reports that contain groups, ensure the “Group by” fields appear first in the sort order.|}}
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