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Language and Translations

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In addition to field reports, the translated terms of data elements can be exported and imported into IMSMANGIMSMA<sup>NG</sup>. Using this functionality, information managers can take any translations that have been created for IMSMANG IMSMA<sup>NG</sup> data elements and export them to .properties files that can be edited in external tools (such as Rosetta-J) and either exchanged with other IMSMANG IMSMA<sup>NG</sup> systems or reimported into the same IMSMANG IMSMA<sup>NG</sup> system.
In order to support IMSMA languages other than English, several files are provided to allow you to translate the messages and terms used in IMSMA. If you would like to run IMSMA in a language other than English, you will need to enter translations into the following .properties files:
• IMessages.Properties

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