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Link to Existing Item

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This section provides instructions for linking item records of different types by using the Reconcile without Map button {{Note | To do Data Entry and/or Submit/Approve Data Entry Forms, your {{IMSMANG}} user account must belong to select items from a list User Role that has permissions to do so. There are several different permissions e.g. ''Data Entry Form'' and by using the Reconcile on the Map button to locate items on the map''Link''.Contact your {{HowTo's|[[HowTo:Use the Pick Linking Item Window|Use the Pick Linking Item Window]]IMSMANG}} Administrator if you have questions on permissions. }} To link an item record to another item record without using the map:
<li>From the Reconciliation tab of the Data Entry Form Editor window, select the row associated with the item record you would like to reconcile.[[Image:Recon tab.png|600px|center]]<div align="center">'' Reconciliation Tab''</div></li>
<li>Click the [[Image:ReconItemRecIcon.png]] button.</li>
<li>Select the '''Link to Existing Item''' option.</li>
<li>Click the '''OK''' button.
[[Image:Recon options3.png|500px|center]]
<div align="center">
'' Reconciliation Options''
<li>The Pick Object Type window displays.</li>
<li>Select the type of the existing item record from the Type of Object to Link to drop-down menu.
[[Image:Pick Object Type.png|500px|center]]
<div align="center">
'' Pick Object Type Window''
{{Note | Item are '''not''' normally ''Linked'' to Locations.}}</li>
<li>The Pick Item window displays. The table is not populated with any rows until you have applied a [[Filter Lists| filter]].</li>
<li>Click the row for the item record that you would like to Link to.
You may check if it is the right item to link to by opening the Summary window of the item by clicking on the [[Image:FieldViewIcon.png]] button. </li>
<li>Click the '''Assign''' button.
<li>Click the '''OK''' button.</li>
[[Image:fig61.png|center|500px|''Pick Item Window'']]<div align="center">''Pick Item Window''</div></li> <li>The Pick Object Type Link Items window displays.<li>Select the type of If it is appropriate to verify that it is the correct existing item record from that you are linking to by using map preview, click the Type of Object [[Image:ShadesIcon.png]] button to activate the Map preview.[[Image:Link Items Window.png|600px|center]]<div align="center">'' Link Items Window''</div> {{New_6.0 | More functions have been added to drop-down menuthe Preview window.It amongst other things possible to add labels. It is also possible to change the order of the themes.}}</li> 
<li>Click the '''OK''' button.</li>
:The Pick <''Item''li> window displaysThe Reconciliation Tab in the Data Entry Form is updated.<li>Click the row for the item record that you would like to reconcile[[Image:Recon tab Link.png|600px|center]]</lidiv align="center"><li>Click the ''Reconciliation Tab Link Action'Assign''' button.</div></li> :The Define Association window displays.<li>If desired, click Repeat the [[Image:ShadesIcon.png]] button above steps to Link to view the another existing item record on the map.</li><li>Do one of Save, Submit or Approve the following:Data Entry Form.</li>*Select the '''Replace Existing Item with Data Entry Form Item''' option to completely replace all information on the existing item record with the information on the item record being reconciled.*Select the '''Combine Existing Item with Data Entry Form Item''' option to replace only certain attributes of the existing item record with those of the item record being reconciled. *Select the '''Link Existing Item with Data Entry Form Item''' option to associate item records of different types. </ol>
{{Note | style="border:2px solid lightgray; float:center; margin:10px;"|align="left" style="padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px"|If you would like to remove the link '''before''' you have approved, select the row and click the [[Image:bulb2uAIBtn01.png|25px|Represents a tip or note for using IMSMA.Unlink]]|align="left" style="padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px"| If you are reconciling an item record with an item record of a different type, only the Link Existing Item with Data Entry Form Item option is available to selectbutton. |}}
<ol start="11"><li>Click For more information on how to do data entry, see [[Use the '''OK''' buttonData Entry Form Editor Window]].</li></ol>
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