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Use Factors with Special Considerations

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* HazDevice: Explosive Ordnance-Category – The factors within this item attribute name checks for the existence of the selected explosive ordnance in the explosive ordnance table of a field report. The impact scoring does not use the quantity; it only looks for the existence of the explosive ordnance.
* MREExucation: MRE Education Training – This factor includes activity field reports that have the “MRE “education within 24 months” attribute set to Yes.
* Victim: Old By Attribute – This factor sums the counts contained in the activity field reports Number Injured Old and Number Killed Old fields.
* Victim: Old By Date – This factor counts the victims in a location which have a report date that is prior to the date selected in the Count Victims After field on the Settings tab. If the field report does not have a report date, the date on which the field report was approved is used.

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