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Building Searches

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Option Use or purpose Example criteria Example parameters
Navigation and map display
These searches are typically designed to find a single record or a set of records. These searches are generally simpler than the other kinds of searches and are designed to return records that users can browse through to find the necessary data.
Search for items by a specific ID
Find all hazards with a local ID that includes = “MF-001” Set the local ID as a parameter to be supplied when the search is run
Search for items by type
Find all hazards with a mine action are type = “Minefield”
Mine Action Area Type
Search for items by date
Find all hazard reductions between January 1 and February 1
The date range
Reporting and data quality analysis
Reporting searches are typically more complicated than navigation searches since they are intended to return a set of records to populate a report directly without any additional user interaction. These searches can also be saved and run independently of reports and used for browsing data. Data quality analysis searches help identify possible data problems and ensure that programme-specific workflow steps are being followed. These searches can be used to help protect data integrity. Report on clearance efforts
Find all hazard reductions where the type = “Progress Report” and the status = “Completed” and the dates are between January 1 and February 1
The date range
Report on hazards cleared by an organisation Find all hazards that are linked to hazard reductions whose type = “Clearance” and the organisation = “XYZ Org”
Mine Action Area Type
Search for all hazards with AP mines Find all active hazards with antipersonnel mines or that have clearances linked to them that have found antipersonnel mines
Data quality checks Find all hazards whose status is “Worked On” with no active hazard reductions
Find all clearances that are not linked to a hazard
Find all victims with no link to accident
==Building Simple Searches==
Building searches in IMSMA<sup>NG</sup> is a simple three-step process in which information managers determine:

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