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Get started with IMSMA

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This page contains ''Quick links'' to useful pages for new {{IMSMANG }} users.
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| Restore || [[Restore IMSMA Backup on Server | Restore IMSMA Backup]]
| Starting IMSMA|| [[Starting and Stopping IMSMANG | Starting {{IMSMANG}}]]
| System name || [[IMSMA Client Configuration Tool]]
|Add coordinate system || [[Add a Coordinate System]]|-| Default coordinate system || [[Set Default Coordinate System]]|-| Add data || [[Add a Data Entry Form from the Summary Window]]|-| Update data || [[Update from Summary Window]]|- | Add geo data || [[Import Geospatial Data from Excel]]|-| Add geo data || [[Import Geospatial Data from Shapefile]]|-| Import xml || [[Import a Data Entry Form from a xml File]]|-| Export xml || [[Export Data Entry Form from Workbench]]|-| Export xml || [[Search for Exporting Data Entry Form]]
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