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Types of Imagery

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In imagery resolution represents the amount of area each pixel of an image covers. For example, an image with 1 meter resolution means that each pixel in the image is the width and height of 1 meter, this means any objects which are smaller than a meter will not be visible in an image. The smaller the resolution = the higher amount of detail an image will have. Low resolution imagery however is excellent for use over large areas and looking at more general patterns and datasets. If a map is needed with an image over a district, a lower resolution image would be better than a very high resolution image. However, when looking at specific areas such as a specific SHA or CHA, high resolution imagery is needed.
[[Image:RASTER Example.png|350px]] [[Image:Switerland google earth clip example of raster resolution.jpg|650px]]
==Satellite imagery or UAV/UAS imagery==__NOEDITSECTION__

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