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Types of Data

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[[Image:Raster vs Vector a.jpg|400px|center]]<div align="center">'' Raster vs. Vector Data ''</div>
==Vector Data==__NOEDITSECTION__
Vector data comprises of vertices and paths. These include points (hospitals), lines (roads) and polygons (areas).
* Shape File (.shp) this is the standard file format for vector data and will contain only a single dataset
* Geodatabase (.gdb) these will contain multiple datasets simultaneously.
[[Image:VECTOR Example.jpg|300px|left]]
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==Raster Data==__NOEDITSECTION__
Raster data is made up of pixels (also referred to as grid cells). Raster’s often look pixelated because each pixel is associated with a value or a class. Rasters include satellite and UAV/UAS imagery, elevation data models, etc. Common raster file formats are:
* .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .bmp    [[Image:RASTER Example.png|350px|left]]<div align="center"></div> 
[ GIS Spatial Data Types: Vector vs Raster]
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