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Searching for Data in IMSMANG

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| [[Search Engine]]
There are three different search functionalities in {{IMSMANG}}:
* [[Search Items| Item searchSearch Items]]* [[Advanced Search| Advanced searchSearch]]* [[Access the Saved Searches Window| Saved searchesSearches]]
The ''Item searchSearch Items'' a.k.a. ''Simple search'' it are found in the ''Search'' menu and as indicated by its nick-name with this search functionality it is only possible to use '''one''' criterion and '''one''' item.
The ''Advanced search'' functionality allows for search definitions that correspond to are built with more than one criterion , AND/OR and may include linked items. The criteria may also be grouped into advanced AND / OR groups.
''Saved searchesSearches'' are defined with the ''Advanced search'' functionality and are saved in the database for later use. This enables users to create advanced search definitions which may used by all users.[[Image:Search menu.png|500px|center]]
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