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Import an IMSMA Map

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{{note| The .mxd of the map file and corresponding shapefiles should be located on a local drive on your computer. The .mxd should have an unique name and have never been imported into {{IMSMANG}} before. Recommended size of the file should not exceed 2 GB.}}
[[Image:Import mapmenu.png|500px200px|center]]
To import a base map into {{IMSMANG}}:
#<ol><li>From the '''File''' menu, select '''Import'''.</li>#From the '''Import''' menu, select '''Map'''. </li>
[[Image:Map import.png|500px|center]]
#<li>The Map Manager window displays.</li>#<li>Navigate to the location of the .mxd file that you would like to import. </li>#<li>Select the .mxd file.</li>#<li>Click the '''Import''' button. </li>#[[Image:Map import confirm.png|500px|center]]<li>A message stating that the Map Import Successfully Completed displays.</li></ol>
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