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Searching for Data in IMSMANG

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{{Reference guide header|Data search can be achieved by ''running saved searches'', ''using specific item searches'' or the ''advanced search''.
A ''specific item search'' (search land, search activity, search accident, etc.) returns a list of all corresponding items that were entered in {{IMSMANG}}. The results list can be sorted out by paring down the ''filter criteria'' or by ''picking'' other ''column headings''.
The ''advanced search'' allows for ''search definitions'' that correspond to more than one ''criterion'' and/or ''criteria'' group(s). Search definitions can have ''linked items'' (activities linked to a land, victims linked to an accident, etc.). A ''criterion'' can be defined by paring down its ''attributes'', ''operators'' and ''values''.
Searches defined with the advanced search can be saved in the ''Saved Searches''.

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