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Upgrade from 5.08.04 to 6.0 process

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# If there is already a dump.sql and/or views.sql in the folder, the tool will '''append''' to these files. So do not forget to delete these files between working with different countries. <br/> <br/> [[Image:MySQLtoPGSQL1.png]]
# Click on run.bat to start the tool.
# Rename the MySQL dump.sql that you have in the original latest backup folder to e.g. MySQLdump. <br/> <br/>[[Image:MySQLtoPGSQL2.png|500px]]
# When the tool has finished, scroll through up in the window and check if there are any error messages. <br/> <br/>[[Image:MySQLtoPGSQL3.png]]
# If not, copy the raw dump.sql and/or views.sql files to the original latest backup folder.
The dump file created with the tool is a '''raw''' dump file in PosGreSQL format which is possible to restore with V6.0.

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