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Data quality checks before upgrading to V6.0

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When data has been migrated or imported it is possible that the column userinputformat in the table ''geopoint'', which controls coordinate display, has not been set correctly. When the display field is set correctly the columns are high-lighted with yellow. If the user tries to edit a row which does not have one of the rules set, the coordinates will not be populated in the Point window. This issue only affects the edit of Auxiliary data coordinates and Data Entry Forms in the Workbench [[Coordinate display rules|(query)]].
The three fields coordsyscoordrefsys, coordformat and userinputformat must be in a valid combination '''and''' must be consistent with the value of userenteredcoord e.g. (WGS 84, Degrees:Minutes:Seconds, X and Y) with 17.2345|25.5678|en|UK is not a valid combination. If these records are not corrected the area/length recalculation and the upgrade will not work [[Coordinate display rules|(query)]].
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