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Standardising Data Entry Forms

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Version 6.0
IMSMA does not allow you to drag the same element to a template twice. For example, if the template you are designing already includes the ''Type of Accident'' widget on page one, you cannot add it again to page one, or even to page two of the template.
[[Image:AddingSameElementTwice.png|center|600px500px|''Adding the Same Element Twice'']]<div align="center">''Adding the Same Element Twice''</div>  [[Image:AddingSameElementTwiceAlternateMessage.png|center|500px|''Adding the Same Element Twice'']]
<div align="center">
''Adding the Same Element Twice''
===Create One Template for Each Step of a Workflow===__NOEDITSECTION__
As discussed above, each template should be reserved for one purpose to reduce the complexity and length of the template. In addition to using data elements for one item per template, information mangers managers should create one template for each item subcategory in a workflow. For example, an activity workflow could include separate templates for the different items, including a CHA and minefield, and activities such as a technical survey, clearance, progress report and completion survey.
While several of the templates may share similarities (for example, CHA and SHA), a separate template for each workflow step allows information managers to customise the templates to include only the information necessary for that step in the workflow. For example, all of the Land Classification values except for “SHA” could be removed from the SHA template, whereas all of the values except “CHA” could be removed from the CHA template. This example is shown in the figure below.

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